Personal Training

Life Active offers you an innovative personal training experience that will change the way you feel about health and fitness. You’ll quickly notice and appreciate the difference working with Andrew Greig, a certified personal trainer and life coach.


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With 15 years of experience in the fields of weight loss, strength and fitness training, Andrew offers a 12-week Transformation Program that gets you where you want to go. He utilises an innate understanding of the human body, along with a Bachelor’s degree in human physiology and biochemistry and Master’s degree in exercise science to produce amazing results.


His approach is highly effective but it’s also enjoyable and designed to give you better results in less time than other programs. Whether you’re tired of not seeing the changes you expect from exercise or simply want to learn more about diet, nutrition and supplements, Andrew gives you a fully personalised program designed to tone and build muscle.


 Transformation Program

In addition, the Transformation Program includes essential topics like:

  • Resistance exercise for metabolism boosting, strength and physique changes
  • Cardio for fat burning and fitness enhancement
  • Stretching and flexibility techniques to help you move easier
  • Complete 12 week nutrition coaching
  • Nutritional Supplements that work
  • Goal setting
  • The Art of Great Posture
  • Before and after measurements and photos

We utilise the Metabolic Precision program, a science-based system to create effective and lasting change in not only your approach to food and exercise, but an understanding of what creates and shapes your metabolism.


For many people, a regular gym membership just doesn’t give them what they’re looking for. You have to be highly motivated in order to get in shape and stay that way on your own. At Life Active, you get a fully personalised weekly training program designed to tone, build muscle and flexibility. You’ll be amazed at what you see in the mirror after only a few weeks.

Colin before 2013

Colin early December 2012

James before 2013

James early December 2012

ColinJames after 2013

James and Colin 12 weeks after beginning our December 2012 Metabolic Precision program

Now you can take charge of your good health. You can finally reach your fitness goals. At Life Active, we transform more than just bodies … we transform lives!