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2011 DNA Make Me Hot entrant Ash Curry


2011 DNA Make Me Hot entrant Andre Olves


2011 DNA Make Me Hot entrant Greg Keith


Richard Mitchell, 28RichardBeforeRichardAfter2 copy

12 Week Transformation program 2009 as featured in DNA magazine

* lost 5% body fat
* gained 4kg muscle

* complete reshape



Lawrence Ridley before and after 12 weeks

Lawrence Ridley before and after 12 weeks

Lawrence Ridley, 22

12 Week Transformation program 2008 as featured in DNA Magazine

* gained 5 kg

* started very slim after having tried for years to put on weight

* added bulk and completely changed body shape




Rachel O'Connell in the 2011 charity challenge

Rachel O’Connell in the 2011 charity challenge

Rachel O’Connell, 31

Winner of 2011 Your Best Body charity challenge run by Life Active.

In 8 weeks:

* lost 6.5kg

* waist reduction 8.5 cm

* thigh reduction 2 cm

* 5.7% body fat


“Training with Andrew has been an amazing experience. His knowledge of exercises, muscles and different programs ensured that no two workouts were ever the same, but they kept challenging me! I’ve completely changed body shape and feel so much better about myself! Thanks Andrew.”    -   Matt, personal training client
“The program you devised and on-going support were all great and exactly what I asked for… I did (and still do) manage to train at least once a week during incredibly stressful and busy periods of work. To most this wouldn’t seem like any sort of achievement but given I can work up to 90 hours in a single week, time, energy and motivation are real issues for me to overcome… Since you last saw me, I’ve lost 4kg and have continued running and training at the gym. Training with you is definitely what laid the foundation for this achievement after coming to you at my lowest point (and highest weight).” - Mike, Personal training client
“Thanks Andrew, your sessions are tough but rewarding. I always walk away feeling I’ve worked hard… sometimes exhausted! but great afterwards.”  -  Jarryd, personal training client 
“I used to have an amazing trainer. When he left to go abroad I was pretty upset because I knew I wouldn’t find anyone as good. I was right I didn’t find anyone as good, I found better! It amused me to read on this site, “You can be assured that training with Andrew will be a life-changing experience!” It certainly has been for me. The benefits of the sessions go beyond the training and the noticeable results I’m getting. So i always look forward to an intense work-out. He kills me and it’s fun! ” - Paul, personal training client
“I am a mature age person, and have found Andrew’s expertise a real life changing experience.  Chronic back, neck and shoulder pain are issues I have struggled with for many years.  Andrew’s training methods have attacked all this very successfully.  I am feeling much more energetic and enlivened as a result of my training sessions with him. ” - Ian, personal training client
“I had been training for about two years with other trainers before I came across Andrew.  The aim – to lose weight – I was around 125kg!  Despite having dropped about 15kg over those two years, I had plateaued for about 6 months and I wasn’t getting anywhere and wasn’t motivated to try harder.  Bring on Andrew!  He kickstarted my training, gave invaluable nutritional and supplement advice, and helped me shift another 6 kgs in around 4 months.  Challenging workouts to be sure (and those sprints are a killer…), but I always felt like I was making progress and have probably never felt fitter.  Andrew’s a great guy and training with him seemed less of a chore – I don’t know what it was, but I wanted to train, and I wanted to follow his advice.  You also see him around the gym doing the same exercises as he prescribes.  This gave me great comfort that he practises what he preaches, although I know I’ll never have his physique :( .  It’s only due to an overseas move that I’m no longer with Andrew today – but he’s left me with good tools to continue to apply his techniques and (scientifically sound!) philosophy in my new workout regime.  Looking forward to the next 10 kilos.”
  • Matty, personal training client

“I started Personal Training sessions with Andrew in October 2012, and have had a very enjoyable and rewarding experience! I now understand that to lose weight and build muscle, knowledge is key – and found his way of educating me about healthy eating habits, goal setting and discipline, and his ability to motivate me, key to my success. He is very personal in his approach, and has helped me build confidence in the Gym – something which I had lacked completely.

As my before and after photos show as proof, through guidance from Andrew around Healthy Eating habits, a tailored program, and clear goal setting, I have consistently been achieving results beyond my wildest expectations. Andrew has instilled in me principals which I will carry on for the rest of my life – and will continue under his guidance to increase mass.

To anyone who lacks motivation, wants to lose weight, build muscle, or like me lacked confidence in being in a Gym, I would highly recommend Andrew and Life Active as something that simply works! You won’t regret it!”

  • Stephen B, personal training client